pan haju date aagad lambase..std 5 ma abhyas ktra student aa exam aapi ske che.

Exam Date :21/4/2013  


Parixa 2 vibhag ma levama aavse
1 vibhag ma Bhasa kaushlya xmta(english& gujarati),science ane maths subject mathi vaiklpik que.puchvama aavse.aa vibhag  no time 90 minit (12:00 to 1:30pm)rhese.tyarbad 15 minit rishesh.
2 vibhag ma general knowledge ane vyvhar ne lagta vaiklpik que.puchvama aavse.aa vihag no time 45 minit(1:45 to 2:30 )rhese
parixa OMR  seat ma levama aavse..
Result Date:may 1 week
AEKVLAVY 1               AEKVLAVY2 
Info By Bhavesh Suthar 

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